Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be open from April 15th - May 30th. The theme for this issue is High Tea. 

We want your sad girl poems, grotesque imagery, and abstract daydreams. However, we do not accept work that is problematic in nature. For us, that means any work that is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, classist, sexist, or any piece that spews hatred towards a marginalized group that was not previously mentioned. We encourage work from writers with diverse backgrounds, specifically LGBT people and people of color. That also includes writers without higher education. 

We will accept submissions in more than one genre but we ask that you label each submission in the title of your document with your name and the genre of your piece. Example: JaneDoeFictionSubmission. We also ask that you write in a legible font such as (but not limited to) Times New Roman or Garamond.

And please only send us word files. No PDFs or other variations of files. 

If you are submitting a simultaneous submission, please include that in your email as well and do be sure to send us a follow-up email if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We do not accept previously published work. Send us first-run pieces only!

Please send us the most polished work you can muster. However, we are more than willing to create a working relationship with you if your work is accepted and still needs a bit of TLC and you are open to the idea of having your work edited. While we believe in paying our contributors, we can not currently afford to compensate writers for their work. We hope to work towards changing this in the future!

Send your submissions to Make sure to say hello to our editor in chief in your email and tell us a bit about you and your work!


Send us no more than five poems in one word document. Please title each piece and place them on separate pages so that our readers and editors may note where each piece ends and the next begins. Also in your email, include your bio and author photo.


Send us up to three fiction pieces of no more than 5,000 words in one single word document. Make sure to title each of your pieces so that our readers and editors may note where each piece ends. Along with your submission, please include your bio and author photo.


For nonfiction, send us up to two pieces no longer than 4,000 words. Please keep your pieces in one document and make sure to title them to separate the pieces for our editors. In addition to your submission, please include your bio and author photo.

Visual Art

All mediums are welcome! Please send us up to ten images of your original art. You can send us these separately or in a document but do keep them in one email just so we can make sure we are judging your art appropriately. Also include your bio and author photo along with your art submission. 


Writers and artists maintain copyright but please let us know if your work is republished. We want to support you!

Expect 2-3 weeks for a response to your submission. Our readers need time to go over your pieces and report back to each other and our editor in chief with feedback. We want to treat your work with the care it deserves!